Costa del Sol is arguably one of the most naturally beautiful regions in the world, not just in Spain. Millions of tourists visit Costa del Sol every year, which makes it one of the most popular tourist spots on the planet. In this information guide on the Costa del Sol, we tell you everything there is to know about this beautiful place.

Costa del Sol has majestic mountains in the backdrop and is separated from North Africa by the Mediterranean Sea. It has a vast coastline that stretched for 100 miles, which is dotted with many popular beaches

Among the major attractions here is the Rock of Gibraltar. There are many spots on the coastline where you can view the coast of North Africa very clearly. It even snows in this part of the world, on the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the region of Granada

Costa del Sol is one of those places that has something for everyone. A lot of tourists that visit this place decide to stick around for much longer and visit more often by buying holiday homes here.


Costa del Sol is dotted in the interiors with Andalucian villages where most of the homes and shops are painted in white, hence their name "pueblos blancos" or white villages.

The local andalucian food here is quite simple yet great and divine in taste. Shopping in Marbella is a lot of fun, especially in the coasts larges commercial center, La Canada, not to forget Puerto Banus that also housesa large Corte Ingles. 

The Marbella Old Town is another special attraction, and always worth a visit. You can also play a lot of golf around here. There are over 40 first rate golf courses Malaga in this region. 

Costa del sol weather

See the weather Malaga here.

The region receives sunshine for most of the year, or for an average of 320 days. You will get a plenty of opportunity to relax at the many beaches here, go on a hike in the mountains, swim in the lakes or surf in the sea. There are a number of theme parks that kids would enjoy. Shopping at the flea markets will keep you busy as well. 

Among the places worth visiting here are Ojen, Estepona and Marbella Old Town. Malaga is another special place in the Costa del Sol, which has plenty of attractions of its own, such as historic cathedrals, museums and stunning structures such as the new Pompidou Centre.

You will enjoy taking a stroll at the Malaga Port and watching all the big, spectacular yachts in action. The shopping enclaves of Puerto Banus and Benalmadena are packed with people all through the evening.

There is a catamaran ferry that connects Puerto Banus to Marbella Marina in just 30 minutes. That’s something worth taking. Acquaint yourself with this region and get as much info about Costa del Sol as possible. 


This information guide on the Costa del Sol wouldn’t be complete without first telling you how to get to this place. You can get to any part of Costa del Sol within less than an hour, with a quick drive from the Malaga Airport. 

The Malaga Airport stays busy all through the year. Flights from over 30 countries and 118 international airports fly to the Malaga Airport almost every day. In fact, there are flights to Malaga from over 30 airports in the UK.

There are a lot of cheap flights available too, which is why the UK-Spain route is always packed with visiting tourists, just looking forward to their vacation in Costa del Sol.

The roads at Costa del Sol are pretty decent, and receive a lot of traffic. The tolled A7 motorway runs along the Mediterranean coast and connects most of the cities in the region.  


Costa del Sol has the best climate you will get anywhere in Spain. The temperatures here stay steady at around 18.5 C. You will get 320 days of sunshine here, hence the name Costa del Sol – which means “Coast of the Sun” in Spanish.

The winters here are pretty mild as well, which is why the place gets a plenty of tourists from Scandinavia, especially during the months of December and January, to escape the biting cold during this time in those countries. 

The Friendly Locals, Malagueños

The locals at Costa del Sol, or the native Malagueños are a friendly bunch who like having tourists visit the place. They are quite possibly the friendliest Spanish nationals you will meet. They have a culture of hospitality and are known to be diverse, open and inclusive.

This entire region has been home to several different civilizations throughout history. So the Malagueños have traces of Greek, Phoenician, Greek, Visigoth, Moorish and Vandal blood in them. They are a very diverse bunch and are really a mixture of several races that made their way to this region. 

They are also known to mix along well with tourists. The Malagueños are naturally charming, optimistic and outgoing and they have no qualms about finding love and friendship among the visitors to the region. What they really like is to have a good conversation, party all night long and have as much fun as possible. Yes, they cannot do without their afternoon siesta, which is an integral part of life in Costa del Sol.

The locals here are always willing to help out a tourist in distress, or someone that is lost or needs their help. They go the extra distance to be of assistance to visiting tourists. Most of them speak English very well as it is a second language to them. 

The Malagueños are the most inclusive and tolerant people you will ever meet. They don’t discriminate between people on the basis of colour, ethnicity, religion or nationality. You will find synagogues, churches, mosques and Buddhist temples in this part of the world, all existing together, side by side, in complete amity and peace. 

The LGBT community feels particularly welcomed in Costa del Sol as the people here are tolerant towards everyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. They just don’t care whether someone is gay or straight.  This makes Malaga and the rest of Costa del Sol one of the friendliest destinations for the LGBT community. There are gay bars everywhere here in Malaga.  

Getting around on Costa del Sol

Please see our trasport page for transport options with local bus, local train, shuttleservices to and from Malaga, Malaga airport and the entire Costa del Sol.

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